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Unwanted Kittens: Season Of Heartbreak At Rspca

TEN kittens on average are being put down every day at the RSPCA, as owners surrender their new pets at alarming rates.

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About the 'No pets not allowed' State Rail business of Friday," writes Teena Hughes, of Rozelle: "I was thinking that perhaps a shiny new comma or full stop could make this poster make sense. As in, 'No, pets not allowed', or, 'No pets. Not allowed'. I suggest everyone who more

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Care eases grief After my letter about my grief towards the loss of my dog Bizzo, I received several empathetic phone calls from dog owners who also have loved and lost their pets.

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> TUNE IN Creature Features, ABC1, 4.30pm: Adam Saunders, along with Modi the cat, hosts this cheerful magazine-style insight into the world of wild animals, pets and their owners.